Yay books! Including a few you should go buy right now.

Happy new year, everyone! Goodness, this appears to be my first blog post since early November. I’d make a new year’s resolution to blog more, but let’s face it: resolutions can’t be trusted, and neither can I.

My fall was so sucked up by work that I barely noticed Halloween, and Christmas didn’t get much better treatment. The lack of cookies was, frankly, appalling. But I finished the Trinket series, and I’m finishing edits on the second (and last) Hexing House book even as we speak, so yay books!

My thanks to the readers who’ve suggested I work on a longer series; I am always so delighted when readers care what I’m doing! And I’ll be taking your advice with the Verity Thane series (tentative series title: Devilborn), which is coming this spring and set in the same universe as the Trinket books. I won’t swear to it until my outlines are more detailed, but right now I’m planning on five books for that.

Twiceborn-Endgame-smallAnd while I’m cheering for books, how about I stop being all ME ME ME about it, because there are so many others to cheer for. Marina Finlayson finished her Proving series last month with TWICEBORN ENDGAME, so if you haven’t gotten into it yet, now you can read them all! This series has everything you look for in an urban fantasy: dragons, werewolves, mystery, kickass action, a touch of humor, a lovable love interest, and a smart, relatable heroine I defy you not to root for. You can’t lose with these books.

51dMIAuFeLL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_If you prefer your fantasy to be more epic than urban, Pauline M. Ross’s THE FIRE MAGES’ DAUGHTER is coming soon, and the pre-order is still only 99¢! I’m so excited to be getting a sequel to THE FIRE MAGES,  I can hardly wait; but if it’s new to you, I’d highly suggest picking up the first book in the meanwhile. This is not your average epic about a farm-boy-slash-chosen-one saving the universe from the dark overlord. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Instead Ross gifts us with a smart, ambitious heroine navigating political intrigue and magical mysteries in this well-paced story set in a wonderful, richly detailed world.

I can’t think of a better way to begin a new year than by making a nice cup of tea and curling up with a great story. Happy reading!