Word #38221: eh, close enough.

“This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let’s not bicker and argue over who killed who.”

The important thing is that I’ve got some new drugs that seem to be working (like, legit medications prescribed by my doctor, not tainted utopium), so I should be able to get, well, not back on track. But on a track. Good enough.

So, this NaNo didn’t work out as well as I hoped, but there’s always next year.

Word #17014: it’s not failing, it’s just changing goals.

Okay, so, my new goal for NaNo is 41,514 words. Even though that’s an official NaNoFail, I will consider it a “win” if I hit that total. Look, you can’t blame me for the faults in my stomach lining (Can you?), and something, or actually more like everything, had to give. I’ve reduced my daily targets for this to accommodate the other projects I also have to get done.

Word #13053: I’m still here.

4,808 words yesterday, a bit short of my goal of 5k, but not bad considering the, you know, vomit. I’ll probably come short of 5k again today too, but the rest of the week should be good. Remember when I said there was no chance I would miss my goal of 60k? The universe frowns on the cheeky, people. But I’m hopeful I’ll at least hit the 50k required to officially win NaNo. I have an outline, so theoretically I should be limited only by my typing speed, except there are always parts of the outline that are dumb or just say, like, “They go somewhere and get a thing.”

Word #7575: okay, maybe now I should panic.

All right, now I must admit that I’m far enough off track to be alarmed. But everyone loves an underdog, right? Surely I can do it. Maybe I can do it. We’ll see if I can do it. Perhaps I should mention to my doctor the need for a speedy solution due to NaNo. As for the draft itself, well, it’s drafty, as my drafts tend to be. I know writers who write their books completely and pretty much finally the first time through, making sure they have all the right words in all the right places as they go. I am not that writer.

Word #… um… 5615? Well, crap.

So I’ve been struggling with some health problems for the past month, which I will spare you the details of because “details” mostly means “vomit,” and my NaNo word count is the latest in a line of things to suffer for it. I’m 9,000 words behind pace to hit my goal of 60k. But fear not! It’s only the 7th, and I’ve come back from bigger deficits than this before. In the meanwhile, I’m only 5600 words in and there’s been both sex and violence, so, totally off to a good start.