The Adventures of Lydia Trinket

Ghost in the Canteen


Homicidal toddlers, demon serial killers, handsome dead guys. Not to mention the PTA. Lydia Trinket has a few challenges, but she’s got it all (mostly) under control. Until she goes to banish a poltergeist, and he banishes her instead.

Then Lydia is trapped in a netherworld with all the spirits she’s sent there, and her long career as a ghost hunter looks a lot less successful from this side. She’s surrounded by enemies in a constantly shifting landscape of dangers, where the whims of the dead outrank the laws of reality.

Survival would be good. Escape would be better. But Lydia is about to discover that there’s no such thing as home free.

Peak of the Devil


Lydia Trinket thought she was free of the netherworld and the ghosts she left behind. Turns out she was only half right.

Now those ghosts are back in the real world, with new plans, new powers, and old grudges. When it becomes clear that possessing teenage girls and stealing human hearts is only the beginning, it falls to Lydia to hunt down the malevolent spirits and banish them for good. Preferably before anyone else gets killed.

A task she would almost certainly be up to, if one of them hadn’t made a deal with the devil.

Crook of the Dead


Lydia Trinket knew it wasn’t over between her and the devil of Bristol. She knew he would draw her into another deadly game. What she didn’t know was that she’d be forced to bet the souls she holds most dear.

But when she’s once again tossed into a maelstrom of intrigue and betrayal, conniving witches and horrifying monsters, this time her loved ones are dragged under with her. And as the clock winds down on a plot to commit mass murder, Lydia struggles for more than just life and death.

For the losers of this game, death is only the first and the least of their torments.



Grim Haven


Years ago, Verity Thane turned her back on a hometown teeming with dangers and consumed by dark magic, swearing to herself she would never return. Now, she has no place else to go.

When she’s cornered into using her magic to save mysterious Cooper Blackwood from a chilling supernatural attack, Verity is unwittingly drawn into a war with a clan of lethal monsters. Hunted and burned out of her home, she’s forced to flee to the last place she’s ever felt safe.

But when Cooper’s deadly secrets collide with Verity’s dark past, new enemies meet old in an unholy alliance that could destroy everything each of them holds dear. Verity will have to protect the home she never thought she wanted… or lose it to a gruesome fate she never could have imagined.

Gathering Black


Verity has always depended on her magic to protect her. But with the fate of Bristol hanging in the balance, defense is no longer enough.

Racing to get to the lethal sapwood seeds ahead of those who would use them to bleed the town and enslave its inhabitants, Verity and Cooper are beset by traps and betrayals. And as they begin to unravel the grisly secrets of Cooper’s own clan, they soon learn there are some horrors that even the strongest of protection spells can’t save them from.

This time, Verity will have to become a deadly weapon herself, or else lose Cooper, the seeds—and her life.

Witch Bound


Just when Verity thought life couldn’t get any more dangerous, she’s bound by a debilitating curse. The terms are plain: rescue the witch who cast it, or die.

If only it were so simple.

As she struggles against the curse’s attacks on her mind and body, Verity’s quest takes her behind enemy lines, to face magical trials she’s never imagined. And when the two remaining sapwood seeds are caught up in the battle, she’s confronted with a terrible choice that will determine not only her own fate, but that of everyone dear to her.

Now Verity must decide just how far she’s willing to go, and whether the price of victory is more than she can pay.

Devil's Own


Verity knew Cillian Wick and his vicious clan of feeders would come. She never imagined the terrible weapons he would bring. Now her home is under siege, and her enemy’s grip is tightening. The battle for Bristol has begun.

But the battle lines are far from clear. With Wick holding the town hostage under threat of brutal consequences, nobody’s allegiance is certain. Standing alone amid shifting alliances and uncertain bonds, Verity must call on every shred of the power she’s worked so hard to build. And hope it will be enough.

Because if Bristol falls, no place will be safe.


Hexing House

Rising Fury


Thea Gideon is stunned to find a winged creature in her aunt’s barn. She’s downright flabbergasted when he offers her a job as a fury of Hexing House, delivering punishment for a price. Once a red carpet darling, now a panic-stricken recluse, Thea is the last person qualified to become an agent of vengeance.

But Thea’s cousin has vanished, apparently at the hands of the furies, and Thea has promised to do whatever it takes to find her. Even if that means becoming one of them to gain their trust.

Now Thea has a month to grow wings, sprout claws, and rid herself of all weakness. And that’s the easy part. The transformation will be dangerous, but uncovering the conspiracy behind her cousin’s disappearance, and her own recruitment, may be deadly.

Lasting Fury


Now that she’s got her wings, Thea wants nothing more than to settle into normal life as a fury of Hexing House. But when a rival colony unleashes a deadly supernatural weapon, the resulting tragedy brings threats from every direction: enemies seeking revenge, human investigators seeking answers, victims seeking justice.

And Thea’s own darker instincts, seeking to break free from her control. As she struggles to safeguard her new home, she must both marshal the humanity she thought she gave up, and come to terms with the monster she’s become.

If she fails, there may be no life at Hexing House to settle into. There may be no Hexing House at all.