In which I briefly come up for air

As I wrap up my NaNo – I estimate I have about 4k to go – I’m looking around at all the things I’ve let slide in November, as I always do, every November. I see I haven’t blogged in almost three weeks, but neglected social media is the least of my problems. You should see the dust around this place. Thanksgiving is in what? Four days? Egads, I say.

But that’s as it should be. Networking and maintaining connections is important. Dusting is important. Making pie for all these people is important. Outlining and researching and editing are all important. You couldn’t neglect those things year-round the way you do during NaNo, which is why NaNo is only once a year. But while things like research and social media and pie can all support your writing, nothing supports it so well as actually, you know, writing. By which I mean, writing actual words in an actual document, which as it turns out, is not the same thing as thinking about writing or talking about writing or intending to write when you have the time. If NaNo is about nothing else, it’s about reconnecting with that one simple, yet sometimes elusive, concept.

Lots of people want to be writers. Less actually want to write. Fewer still are willing to make sacrifices to do it. Congratulations to all the people who made time to write this November, however painfully, and at whatever cost to the cleanliness of your clothing.

I expect to resurface after Thanksgiving with the self-absorbed posts about NaNoWriMo behind me, clearing the way for self-absorbed posts about a variety of other topics. American Horror Story is wrapping up. The Following is coming again soon, and it was such a disappointment the last time around that I may take my revenge by watching it again just so I can say mean things about it. Catching Fire is upon us. And get ready people, because The Desolation of Smaug is! Finally! Coming!

1 word on the street

  1. I like to think I’ve been very vocal about seeing myself as a person who wants to write and talks about writing but rarely actually writes. The really writing part is a surprisingly elusive concept.

    Full props to you and the others who shove all the stuff aside and write! And yay for Hobbit II!

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