Liar liar pantser

First, I lied last week about that being the final book cover. It seems CreateSpace does not work and play well with dark colors, and we’re having to make some compromises. Of course I could just use a different cover for the paperback than the ebook, but I’m leaning toward consistency.

Second, NaNoWriMo starts in, what, ten days? I’ll be pantsing it this year, by necessity rather than choice. I’m a really big planner by nature. I’ve only tried pantsing once before and it was a disaster. It’s okay, I’ve got time built into the workplan for ignoring everything I do during NaNo if I have to. But who knows, maybe it’ll allow some brilliant ideas to spring up from the dark recesses of my brain, where the things lurking are… usually not brilliant.

So, wish me luck, even though I’m a liar? I guess is the point.

11 words on the street

  1. Before you self-pub, check out Kindle Scout. I just found out about it and am going to be submitting my next romance novel there first. You never know! :)

    (Still not nanoing.)

  2. Good luck. And yes, I decided to do NaNoWriMo this year. Hell, I’m even hosting write-ins. AND planning. Which I generally never do. Maybe I’m channeling you this year??

  3. So far my status as a weenie is secure. I’m just hoping things slow down enough I can clear off the workbench or work on the Jeep’s brakes or, hell, change the sheets. Write several hours a day?

    But I do a lot of formless typing, albeit too formless even to go into a blog. I still enjoy laptopping in coffee shops, looking interesting. Except, meh, everyone does that. Nothing interesting about it. I should go retrieve the Royal with which my mother typed up my father’s thesis. Bring my own bottle and sensational plotlines and bad dialog and a worn tweed sport coat and be performance art.

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