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Happy new year, everyone! I do not have resolutions, as such. Usually I have a whole spreadsheet full of them all color-coded and broken into actionable steps with deadlines and status boxes and secret magical words of power. (I’m lying about the words of power.) Half of them still fall by the wayside by March. The spreadsheet only works if you open it up.

Anyway, I’m still motivated and ready to work hard in 2017. I’ll be finishing up my current urban fantasy series, and this last book is a really fun one to write. Later in the year, I’ll be launching a new epic/sword & sorcery fantasy trilogy under a slightly different pen name. (Stay tuned for cool things I might do to my website.) Epic fantasy was my first love, an affair that has continued unbroken since I was six years old. And this is a story I’ve had floating around in my head in one form or another for… I want to say about 20 years, which makes me feel old, so let’s not count. The point is, it’s a project I’m very excited to break ground on. Looking forward to a productive year.

For those who are kindly waiting for the last Devilborn book, spring seems the likely timeframe. As my NaNo posts show, my schedule was pushed around and bullied by some health issues that took its lunch money and then threatened to beat it up out by the dumpster after school. That bully is still being dealt with, but tossing it in juvie is another thing I’m hopeful for in 2017.

Come to think of it, I do have one resolution, in the category of slacking off: the new season of The Magicians starts this month. OBSESSED. It’s important to have good TV to watch when you’re sick a lot.

Also, I got this for Christmas. There will be a themed dinner. The movie will be shown. Themed clothing may be a factor.

Got any resolutions to share?

7 words on the street

  1. Not really. Just try to be good to myself in healthful ways. As far as writing, I hope to have a new book of poetry out this year. I decided to expand it from one theme and include more poems… it should have 40-50. Good luck with your writing, and I hope you’re feeling better.

  2. Hope you are feeling better every day, Jen, and that you do banish that bully to an eternity in Juvie Hall. I’m very happy to learn that you expect to have the final installment of the Devilborn series out this spring, as I’m eager to read it. And I know I’ve been remiss in reviews, but I’m planning to review the whole series at once, in hopes that it will make up for my tardiness. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, so far.

    Unlike you, I have only recently come to appreciate epic fantasy, high fantasy, and pretty much any other kind of “other world” fantasy. I find it’s what I turn to most often now, and the benefits of being late to the party mean I can generally read entire HUMONGOUS series, back to back, immersing myself so completely in these worlds, I have trouble returning to reality. I look forward to reading your first volume as soon as it’s released. With your imagination and strong writing, I just know I’ll love it. (BTW, dragons are a plus, but not at all necessary. 😀 )

    Stay well, and here’s hoping for a marvelous and productive 2017!

    • Thank you, Marcia! I’m kind of jealous of you just getting into epic fantasy now. There are so many things I wish I could read for the first time again. :) What’s been your favorite so far?

      I don’t generally do dragons, but there are so many that do, they should be easy to find!

      • Just kidding about the dragons, though they can be fun. I’ve loved almost all the fantasies I’ve read so far, including Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy, Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera, Scott Lynche’s Locke Lamora books, pretty much anything by Brandon Sanderson, especially Mistborn, Brent Weeks’ Night Angel Trilogy, Douglas Hulick’s Tales of the Kin series, and on and on. I confess to a deep love for Fitzchivalry and Locke Lamora, but there are just so many wonderful characters out there. I NEED MORE READING TIME! :)

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