Ok then

I asked for pets. I asked for something cool to collect. And ZeniMax has answered my call. I get a monkey!

Well why didn’t you say so before? I am in, Elder Scrolls Online.

I actually mean that, because I am like a small child and easily distracted by fun shiny things. But for the more serious gamer, I should also note that TESO has some great changes being implemented by launch, including collision detection, which I’m pretty excited about. You know, not monkey excited. But still excited. Some highlights of the changes:

  1. NPC collision detection. I know some people were hoping for more, but I think their reasons for not including it between players are sound.
  2. Players will be transported directly to their starting city after the tutorial, rather than being trapped on an island.
  3. More animations. This may sound like a small thing, but I think it’s a big deal. Combat felt so bland in the build I played. Having things spiced up a bit, combined with collision detection, will be a huge improvement.

Click here for more about the changes. (The linked video has been authorized by ZeniMax and does not violate the NDA in any way.) These changes will not be part of this weekend’s beta event, as they’re still going through private testing.

Many of my criticisms of the game still stand, but it’s going in the right direction. Combined with a recent dip in WoW excitement, it was enough for me to preorder. I’ll switch over my sub for a month or three, enough to make the initial investment in the game worthwhile. Maybe even longer if it can pull me in; it seems like they’ll be making changes right up until launch, so you never know. But my prior points about the pitfalls of a subscription game still stand. If they want to keep my attention long term, I’m going to need a house.

And a stable! For my horses! Which I hear we get to name! It’s all in the details, folks.

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