Pie, Revival, and telling me my butt looks fat

Finally coming up for air after all the holiday festivities. I hope all my American peeps had a great Thanksgiving! Do you still have pie? I still have exactly one piece of pie, which I’m strongly considering having for breakfast. But that’s just because I made my mom make another pie right before she left. Was that mean? Otherwise I’d have been out, despite having a 2:1 person:pie ratio at the table last Thursday.

Thanksgiving was late this year, which means if you celebrate Christmas and left it until after like I did, you’re already behind on your holiday shopping. Luckily for you, Kindle books are so easy to buy and give, and Ghost in the Canteen is just 99 cents all week long!

Speaking of which, I’m not that author who lets her mom write a review. Or her sister, or her best friend, or even her beagle. I do know some of the people who’ve left reviews so far, but they’re real people who’ve really read the book. (Or at least I’m pretty sure they’re real, although I’ve only ever met them online.) And they are not those people in your life who would hesitate to tell you your butt looks fat, you know? The upside is that I know, and you can rest assured, that my reviews are legitimate and honest.

The downside? I don’t have enough reviews. So if you’ve read Ghost and enjoyed it, please consider leaving an honest reader review on Amazon.

My own honest reader review, thus far, of Stephen King’s Revival is this: Revival is on my Kindle. The new WoW expansion is on my PC. In my scant bit of unwinding time before I go to bed each night, I look from one to the other. And I choose WoW pretty much every time.

I’d say I can’t remember the last time I was this unengaged in a King book, but I can: it was the last one, Mr. Mercedes, which was, if it can be believed, even worse than The Tommyknockers. So a bad streak here. Revival is better written than Mr. Mercedes, and the characters are interesting, but maybe I’m just not clicking with it. I’m about 35% in and it just lacks momentum. There’s nothing keeping me coming back. If it was almost anyone else’s book, I’d have put it down by now. But since it’s King I’ll probably tough it out. It is creating a backlog in my TBR pile, though.

So that’s my update. I KNOW YOU WANTED AN UPDATE. You can go back to stimulating the economy now.

8 words on the street

  1. Be patient on the reviews. You’ll get them. I got one today from somebody who bought the paper book in May directly from me at a writing group. She admits she only bought it to be polite, didn’t expect much, and was really surprised how much she liked it once she finally broke down and read it.

    Your book is currently sitting on my Kindle, tantalizing me, but I can’t do any all night reading sessions right now, and I’m pretty sure it’s one of those “can’t put it down” books.” I plan on giving myself a post-Christmas gift of a binge reading weekend at which point I definitely intend to give it a review.

  2. You’re completely right. I didn’t mean to sound impatient. I just think a lot of people who aren’t writers don’t know how important the reviews are, so I’m, you know, mentioning. 😉 But people are busy. I seem to recall it took me weeks after I finished Impervious to finally post a review, and I ought to know better!

    I appreciate that you have my book on your Kindle and hope it doesn’t disappoint. I do the post-Christmas reading binge every year, it’s one of my favorite things.

  3. I have read the first two chapters and I plan to finish it and I will write an honest review of it on amazon when I do. I tend to kindle read slowly b/c I always forget to recharge the darn thing. I will say this much so far — I concede that I bought it primarily to be encouraging to you; this book is not in my usual genre preference at all — but it is really to me unexpectedly funny. I like the narrative’s sense of humor / irony a lot and I find the protagonist interesting.

    • Thanks so much. I’m so grateful to the people who’ve taken a chance on it to be supportive even though it’s not usually their genre, but I feel bad for a couple who’ve gotten a bit uncomfortable with the darker parts. I apologize in advance if it doesn’t turn out to be your cup of tea.

      On the bright side, the male lead has a big nose and a very deep voice, so you can totally mentally cast Armitage. :) I approve of that much more heartily than the person who suggested Sean Bean.

  4. Lack of momentum is one reason I’ve been about halfway through A Clash of Kings for over a month now. It just goes on and on and on as if written primarily to be rescripted as a pay-channel swords-and-soap opera without end and make someone a bunch of money. That can’t possibly be right but it’s how it feels.

    There literally came a time reading your book that I couldn’t stop reading to take care of other things. I was sorry it ended. I haven’t written a review because I am lazy and undisciplined and when I remember to, such as now, I’m closing up my lunch hour or driving or something. Bad excuses, not explanations.

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