September wind-down

Just a week left in September. Time to stow away the Earth, Wind, and Fire and pull out the Danny Elfman. I think that’s not a bad trade. I’ve always felt that October is unequivocally the best month of the year. And not just because of the Halloween treats. Okay, mostly because of the Halloween treats. But also foliage! And fall weather! And the Carolina Renaissance Festival! Although let’s face it, the purpose of the Ren Faire has a lot to do with caramel apples, which just brings us back to treats.

My next newsletter is coming in early October and will include the recipe for the coconut-curry-lentil soup that sustains me for the first half of NaNoWriMo. Whether you participate in NaNo or not, this soup is just the best if you live somewhere that has autumn. Or lentils. Also in that newsletter: the first look at the ebook cover for Ghost in the Canteen, the latest release information, and great mostly-semi-healthy snacks to eat at your desk.

Speaking of NaNo, the site always resets around October 1, so that’s a good time to register, if you haven’t already. If you’re into the November madness and want to be my buddy, I’m hiding there under the very clever alias of jenrasmussen.

Finally, you’ve only got another week to cast your vote in the September poll in the sidebar. Frankly, I’m kind of surprised the Joan Fontaine/Orson Welles version hasn’t gotten more love, though it’s not my personal favorite. I’m sure the October poll will be something super fun an exciting! Well, mostly sure. I haven’t thought of it yet.

5 words on the street

  1. Yes! October is the BEST month of the year, even if you live, as I do, where it takes October until November…or sometimes December…to reach you. For me…it’s all about PUMPKINS. There is something so wonderfully round…and orange!…about them. Nothing makes me happier than stacks and stacks of pumpkins, even before some of them are transformed into jack-o-lanterns. *happy sigh*

    Roll on, October!

    Looking forward to your recipes, and good luck with NaNoWriMo. And I guess I have to pick a favorite for your poll. I haven’t been able to. I love every version, nearly. *going off to think upon this question*

      • Haha…I just voted for that as my favorite, right before I went to run errands. Mostly because I saw it more recently than the others, AND because you didn’t have my very favorite one up there…George C. Scott and Susannah York. I just thought Scott was the epitome of Rochester, though York was a bit pretty for Plain Jane.

        For me, I guess any version of Jane Eyre is good…just some better than others. (Sort of like pizza.) 😉

  2. I too love October. It is my favorite time of year by far. Though our local ren faires have been open since August, we tend to go more towards the end of September / early October. This coming month gets extra special since Mom and I are doing Poe related things in Baltimore the week before Halloween. I am down to one free weekend to throw in as much hay riding, corn mazes and apple picking I can with the kids. Can it please be October every month? Pretty please. I promise I won’t get sick of it.

    • Do you get to go to the Maryland Faire?? That’s my favorite Ren Faire ever, anywhere. (Yes, I’ve been to them in several states. I am that dorky.)

      I hope you blog about your Poe related things!!

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