Everything is awesome

So here is the website redesign. What do you think? Super exciting and super awesome? I can’t link you to the artist because she hasn’t got a site up and running yet, but the rook drawings were done by hand and scanned. I know zilch about graphics so the process was fun to learn about. (The guy who did the scanning asked me if I needed a vector image. I don’t know what that is, so I said I didn’t think so. Do I need a vector image?) The same artist will be doing my book cover, and I’ll have some of that artwork going up soon.

Speaking of which, I know you already know all about my book, because I give you no choice when you come to my site but to LOOK AT MY BOOK PAGE. But I can’t expect you to remember it all the way in November, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get a reminder. I’ll post a sample here when the final proofreading is done.

And speaking of that, I am so happy to have found a proofreader I’m looking forward to working with. Be sure to check out her site if you’re in the market for one, because that was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I’ve done some proofreading myself and I intend to start picking up some freelance proofreading later this year, so maybe I’m picky, but isn’t being picky sort of the point? Of proofreading? So you shouldn’t have half a dozen errors on the same page where you suggest I pay you hundreds of dollars to proofread my book. Also protip: if you think proofreader is two words, you aren’t one. I’m not naming names. I’m just saying.

(Now that I’ve said that, someone will be along to point out half a dozen errors in this post or on my site somewhere. Which is why everyone needs a proofreader. It doesn’t matter how well you know your stuff. You can’t see the stuff in your own stuff.)

That brings me to my last speaking-of-which, because I like to end my posts on an angry and snotty note whenever possible:

Hachette, people.

There is no t in the middle. This is driving me completely bonkers. If you’re a writer, spelling things right is part of your job. So if you expect me to take your opinion on this whole thing seriously, you need to learn to spell the names of the parties involved.

*Post title ripped off from The Lego Movie, which is indeed awesome.