Wake-Robin Ridge

wake robinIn the comments to one of the posts below, Marcia Meara describes her novel Wake-Robin Ridge as “romantic suspense with a touch of spooky.” Well, let’s consider this post my open letter to Marcia requesting something full-out spooky, because if this is her “touch” of it, I’d love to see what it’s like when she goes whole hog.

Don’t get me wrong, the love stories this book does focus on are very sweet. From a purely subjective standpoint, they run a little sentimental for my usual taste, along the Notebook/Bridges of Madison County end of the romance spectrum, but even for a morbid horror girl like me there is some lovely stuff here. I especially enjoyed the letters from one of the star-crossed lovers to another. And dogs! Several dogs. I’m choosing to ignore the presence of the cat.

But it will surprise nobody who knows me that I found the scenes with the ghost, and the hours leading up to the ghost becoming a ghost, to be the strongest in the book. They are expertly paced, and the imagery is first-rate. That phantom red Impala, making its awful way around an isolated cabin in the woods, and that rabbit–that rabbit!–are the things that will stick with me after I’ve put this book away.

I happen to live in Charlotte, not far from where this book is set, and the descriptions of the mountains and woods of North Carolina are very well done. I had a small nitpick or two with the details, but the important thing about that is, she got the barbeque right. [EDIT: to the surprise of absolutely no one, those nitpicks turned out to be my mistakes, not the author’s.]

Two thumbs up for this book, and I’ve already bought Ms. Meara’s other currently released novel, Swamp Ghosts.

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  1. Thank you for such a lovely review, Jen! I’m so glad you enjoyed (most of) the book. :) And I used the phrase “a touch of spooky” because it only encompasses about 10 pages out of over 400, so I don’t want anyone to think they are getting into a full-on ghost story. However, with encouraging words like yours, I can see myself writing one. Maybe sooner than I thought! :)

    Since I don’t get to thank reviewers on Amazon or Goodreads, I’m taking the opportunity to do so here, and hope it’s okay with you. If not, feel free to remove my comments. I’ll understand totally.

    Just know you made me smile at the end of a long, hard day. (Working on the WRR sequel). Thanks again!

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