I write for no deeper purpose than to entertain. My words are not going to be the catalyst for some great and meaningful change in a person’s life. But I still positively revel in the freedom to say exactly what I like, exactly how I like, without fear that an agent or editor would never let me get away with it, and without the need to revise toward the type of popular appeal a big publisher requires to make the math work these days.

So I can only imagine what this freedom means to people who are saying something inspired by a higher calling, that might otherwise be censored by the mainstream.

Now, given the realities of population distribution, odds are a fair number of those people are assholes whose idea of a higher calling sucks. We may not be better off for hearing what they have to say.

But we’re all better off for their having the freedom to say it.

What’s your Yay Indie thought today?

6 words on the street

  1. When I look at my indie covers alongside my trad pub covers, I’m all “omg yay indie.” When I decide to change a price or submit a promotion or send out a review copy and it doesn’t require any discussion/permission, I’m all about “yay indie.” When I can pull up the latest sales instead of having to go to Novel Rank and guess at what the numbers might mean, I’m whistling “yay indie.” When I set the deadlines and the production schedule and the release date, and I know someone’s not going to change the release date and forget to mention it to me and screw up my promo plans, I’m doing the “yay indie” cha-cha.

    But yes, also, just like you said: I can write the story I want to write, and maybe fewer people will want to read that story than if I wrote one that “fit the market,” but ~some~ amount people will be happy to have gotten to read it, so Yay Indie! (And also vice versa: I get to read stuff trad publishing wouldn’t have bothered with.)

  2. Control, control, control. Being able to control the content, the art, the timing, the price and the promotion is ideal. I may not get it right the first time, but I can change it whenever I want. Being able to be responsive and flexible to market conditions is a huge advantage.

  3. My yay thought is… soon I will upload a book of my poetry, with my own photos to complement my writing. No one would EVER publish this because it’s worth zero monies, but I am super happy with it. YAY!

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